Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a very popular game that probably originates from the 16th century French game of the twenty-first (20 and 1), hence its other name “21”. He took the English name of Blackjack because a player who would hold the Ace of Spades (ie a Black Spade) and the Jack of Spades as the first two cards would be paid by an extra, and the taste of the players for the rhymes took the top (think “chuck-a-luck”, “acey-duecy”).The goal of the game is to get closer to 21 without exceeding it (“bust”).

To Play:

Players must place their bet in the center of the betting circle that faces them on the table. The “dealer”, translate “the dealer”, then draws two cards, discovered, to each player and two to himself, a discovery and the other hidden.

Our game of Blackjack is a multi-handed game; which means you can play three hands at a time. Simply place bets in the betting circles on either side of the center seat if you wish to play additional hands. This makes the game more interesting and increases your chances of winning with real money blackjack.

Value of Cards:

Kings, Queen, Jacks and 10 count each for 10.
The Ace counts 1 or 11, as the player wishes.
All other cards count for the number displayed
(from 2 to 9)


If the first two cards drawn are an Ace and a 10, this player has a Blackjack and will be paid once and a half are bet (3 for 2) unless the “dealer” also has a Blackjack, in which case it is a push (the bet is not paid or validated). All other winning hands are paid 1 for 1 – has the 21 card game.

Blackjack will win a total of 21 points. For example, an Ace and a 10 will win on a 10,5,6. Even if in both cases, the total is “21”, blackjack wins.

A player who does not have Blackjack must continue to draw cards in order to get closer to a total of points of “21” without exceeding the “21”. He is free to choose to keep his game at any time (STAND for GUARD) or to request another card (HIT- translate CARD) when the total is less than “21”. If the player goes beyond the “21”, it is said that he “bust” and loses his bet.The “dealer” must draw a card on a total less than or equal to 16. The “Dealer” must remain (Stand) on a total greater than or equal to 17.

Lexicon of English words used in Blackjack:


Put a number of chips in the betting circle.


Put the same number of chips as in the previous deal, in the betting circle.


Play a Blackjack hand for the bet placed in the betting circle. By clicking on “DEAL”, the game starts and the bet is validated for the draw.